If you are purchasing a home that is on well water, it is highly recommended that you ensure the integrity of the well and the quality of its water. Many people who have lived in the city are unaware of what is required to maintain or protect their well from potential contamination. Many home buyers and real estate agents are also unaware if a seller disinfects the well with bleach before a sample is taken to ensure a good potable report. Protect yourself and your family; have your water quality testing done right!

Well Water Quality Analysis

Why use Brownlee Water Quality? Qualifications, Expertise and Integrity. One of the benefits to using us is that we test for chlorine prior to sampling the water to be analyzed for Total Coliform and E.Coli. This way we’ll know if the well water was tampered with. However, testing only for TC/EC does not provide enough information needed to assess well water quality. To ensure that you and your family are protected, our comprehensive well water analysis will provide a water quality assessment using the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards as a guideline. This will ensure that your well is protected from other potential contaminants or inform you if surface water is entering the well. A well water analysis is very important because many contaminants cannot be identified visually or by odor and that can make it difficult for private well owners to know the water quality. Waiting until hours before your closing date could be costly. Brownlee Water Quality Management is here to assist you and help ensure there are no surprises with your water after the purchase. Our service is fast and thorough and we can have your certificate of potability within 24-48 hours of sampling. The water quality analysis will take approximately 5 business days and could be well worth including this time in your condition of sale. Understanding water and treatment is important because potable water does not mean quality water. Having well water analyzed gives the reassurance of quality water and peace of mind for you and your family.

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