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From residential water analysis to commercial testing and compliance management, Brownlee Water Quality Management tests, analyzes and helps improve your drinking water to ensure its quality and its conformity to government regulations.


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Residential Testing

Home owners and home buyers can understand more about their drinking water than what municipal or provincial testing provides.

Commerical Services

We provide businesses, or residential developments on private wells, a cost-effective and efficient solution to solve water problems and meet government standards.

Treatment Systems

Upon thorough testing and analysis, we can assist you in determining and locating the appropriate treatment systems to remediate water problems specific to your well.

Have Confidence in Your Drinking Water

Before purchasing treatment systems, get a comprehensive lab analysis from a certified facility. It will provide the necessary information to determine if treatment is required, or if a certified well technician should be consulted. Water treatment companies don’t always provide enough information to determine the best course of action.

Take time to learn about your water. Don’t buy in to the notion that quality drinking water only comes from a bottle – or from expensive treatment equipment. Inform yourself and ensure your well water is safe.


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