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Our team of professionals will work with you to develop a cost-effective and efficient solution to solve water problems and meet government standards – current regulations and what’s coming in the future. Focus on your business while we take the worry out of regulation compliance issues and MOECC inspections.


Example Customers:



Non-Municipal Year-Round Residential Systems

These customers operate private water systems that provide water to year-round residential developments.


  • apartment buildings
  • private subdivisions
  • condominiums
  • townhouse complexes
  • mobile home parks
  • trailer parks
  • year-round campgrounds

Designated Systems

Designated facilities provide water to people who may be more susceptible to adverse effects from consuming poor quality drinking water, especially children, the elderly, and patients with certain medical conditions.


  • children’s camps and care facilities
  • health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and seniors’ residences
  • social care facilities receiving funding from the Ontario government
  • hostels and other direct agent care facilities
  • schools, private schools and day nurseries
  • universities, colleges of applied arts and technology

Small Drinking Water Systems - Public Facilities

These are drinking water systems that provide water to the general public and require that the water being supplied is safe. These include non-residential and seasonal residential uses.


  • Facilities that provide public washrooms
  • Recreational facilities and provincial parks
  • Places of worship
  • Hotels, motels, resorts or rental cabins
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Campgrounds or marinas
  • Communal cottage developments
  • Town halls and community centres
  • Sports and recreational facilities

Services We Provide:

water sampling

Water Sampling Services


  • Collection of all water samples required for compliance
  • Completion of lab chain of custody forms and maintain a copy on file
  • Deliver the water samples to an accredited laboratory for analysis
  • Electronic report and record maintenance with file backups
  • Provide water sampling results to the owner of the facility
  • Adverse water results notification to facility owner and Ministry of the Environment
water sampling

Drinking Water System Services


  • System operational checks
  • Quarterly and annual treatment system maintenance
  • Treatment system replacement parts kept on hand
  • Remote monitoring of water treatment system where applicable
  • On-site Digital Turbidity testing and Chlorine Residual testing
  • Adverse water corrective action plan within 4 hours
  • 24 hour emergency services


water sampling

Administrative Services


  • Preparation of required forms and completion of annual reports
  • Registration of lab services and water works to MOE
  • Supply a Systems Operation Manual containing accurate and detailed records of all water test results, treatment equipment maintenance and other documents required for compliance


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