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In Ontario, drinking water regulations are administered at the provincial level by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Below are relevant links and resources that can help you understand your responsibilities in maintaining healthy drinking water systems.

Brownlee Water Quality professionals are experts in knowing what is required by provincial regulations. We can be a valuable partner not only by interpreting the law but by helping you maintain compliance and meet the obligations of running a commercial drinking water system.

Safe Drinking Water Act

The legislation in Ontario that provides for the protection of human health and the prevention of drinking water health hazards through the control and regulation of drinking water systems and drinking water testing. Certain regulations under this act specify the parameters under which water systems must operate.

Ontario Regulation 169/03

These are the chemical, microbiological and radiological parameters prescribed as drinking water quality standards for the purposes of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Ontario Regulation 170/03

This regulation manages municipal and private water systems that provide water to year-round residential developments and designated facilities that serve susceptible populations such as children and the elderly.

Ontario Regulation 243/07

This regulation expands water safety protections to reduce potential levels of lead intake especially for pregnant women and children six years of age and under. The flushing and testing regulation requires that all owners of schools, private schools and childcare centres undertake sampling for lead annually.

Ontario Regulation 319/08

This regulation applies to businesses making drinking water available to the public which is NOT from a municipal drinking water system. “Small Drinking Water Systems” (supply at a rate less than 2.9 litres per second) was transferred on December 1, 2008 to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care from the Ministry of the Environment. Under this new system, small drinking water systems will be inspected by local boards of health.

Ontario Regulation 248/03

In Ontario labs that provide drinking water testing services must be accredited and licensed to test drinking water, in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. A drinking water testing license authorizes a laboratory to carry out analysis for specific drinking water tests by approved analytical techniques.

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